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   TetraMAPS Hardware Sequencer

Tetra with Lemur

Build your own custom Lemur or TouchOSC Mobile interface for TetraMAPS

"It's SO MUCH faster than turning encoders. Excellent work! It feels like a new sequencer that's much easier and quicker to use. Just thought you might want to know how happy I am with the template and the OSC implementation in the sequencer."
TetraMAPS user Don Kim, USA.

         Midi Analog Performance Sequencer
         Version 3.4 Now Available

Super-automated step sequencing using the new Lemur app.
"...the MAPS is the best sequencer I've ever used for generating true, real-time, intuitive musical composition. It is so intuitive, even the most powerful features seamlessly blend into its operation. Bang for buck, even, it's also the best I've used."
"Shaggy" Scott Scheferman, USA.
MAPS user review on vintagesynth.com

NEWS:   MAPS iPad App comming to iTunes store early 2015.

Version 3.4 supports the new Lemur App
"Lemur is great in its ability to do amazing control automation with user-programmable scripting and now TetraMAPS functions are controllable using these features. Now you can radically modulate your step sequencing, nothing like it on any step sequencer."

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